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Volunteers are needed for B’s Jr. Gardeners


Happy Spring! It's finally time to get outside and start rustling through the leaf littler as we search for what has survived this strange winter, start mapping out where those new seeds or transplants are going in our spaces, and generally spruce-up the gardens for spring!

B's Junior Gardeners is gearing up for our planting season too! We've been having a great year so far, with many explorations and experiences had in our gardens from eating a fall harvest to examining invertebrates in our soils, and we are in need of volunteers to complete a few projects. Below are some ways to help in the coming months.

In April students will be planting their spring gardens in classes on April 16 & 18 at Springdale Elementary School and on April 23 & 25 at Heritage Hill Elementary. If you are interested in helping with these classes please email bsjrgs@gmail.com. You must be an already approved volunteer, aid, or teacher to work with students in the classroom this school year. Please contact Ms. B. on the procedure to become certified for the next school year!

April also heralds the arrival of our Albion strawberries to replace the students' aging Everbearing plants. Volunteers will be needed to transplant these bare root plants into soil on April 20 at noon. No experience or special status needed. Bring gloves if you have them. These plants will be available for sale later by donation as part of our annual fundraiser. Contact for location.

The last opportunity to volunteer in April is at Springdale Elementary's Family Night on April 30. During this evening we will be assisting families plant cups of grass for hairy, googly-eyed friends, while sharing information regarding the program. Email for more information if interested in the this family friendly event.

In the first week of May, Ms. B will be transitioning from working to full time school, but it's also when mulch delivery from the city will be happening! On May 11, starting at 3pm, we will be meeting at Springdale Elementary to spread mulch there before moving to Heritage to  spread theirs. Please bring gloves and a rake if you have one.

After last year’s successful harvests, it became apparent that more volunteers would be needed for the 2024 growing to season to keep up with the food produced in these beds. If you are interested in helping maintain the gardens and harvest food during the summer, please email Ms. B. at bsjrgs@gmail.com to get more information.

If you are interested in any of these or future volunteer opportunities, please contact Ms. B. at bsjrgs@gmail.com