NOV 2023

Students had a blast trying new foods from their gardens as we finished out the growing season with a fall harvest party!

Passion fruit grown in the gardens of Heritage Hill Elementary were shared as a dessert with our Springdale Elementary friends, as were a couple pots of carrots and potatoes.

Fun was had and food was eaten!

OCT 2023

Today we continued our explorations into the sun's energy cycle & how it plays out with the environment around us.

How does the sun's waning energy affect insects?

What part do they play in the cycle?

Why are they so important to all life?

It's always fun to examine your world around you as these first graders will tell you! Especially when you have magnifying glasses and get to see insects up close! 

Insect counts were held with our top counter reaching 43! 

SEP 2023 

Fun was had as we explored the sun's light energy in today's garden class! First grade students learned that art, science, and nature play roles in our daily lives and can be used to explore our world.

They found joy in reflecting light like fireflies to create their classroom signs on light reactive paper and learned about how the sun can affect objects around them by creating sunprinted designs they took home!

STEAMing along as we grow!
Way to grow Lil' Vikes!

119 Pounds of Food!

As of August 31, 2023 our tallied harvest for #GrowARow Food Pantry donations is 119 pounds! 

Bookmark rewards are being made for second grade students to be handed out shortly, while B's Junior Gardener classes start up 9/12/23. 

Want to volunteer? Check out our how to help page!

Grow a Row totals

As of July 25, 2023, we are up to 43.5 lbs of produce donated from our school gardens to the SOUL food pantry in Springdale, OH!

New Raised Beds Dedicated


Springdale Elementary, Mayor Webster, Troop 1417, Springdale residents, and Princeton City Schools District's previous and incoming Superintendents of Schools were gathered together to celebrate the work of Eagle Scout candidate, Kaitlyn Higgins. Through this talented teen's efforts, B's Jr. Gardeners has new beds to replace their broken ones, where we will be able to grow better food to feed the community as well as educate students on nutrition and the natural world! What an awesome experience to work with community driven teens to better where we live! Way to go Kaitlyn!